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Our Co-Founder Matanna Katz collaborated with Caesarstone, South Africa, to create visual digital content.

She composed this abstract tablescape

concept inspired by the change of seasons, in particular Winter and Spring.  Matanna relished in the idea of the way the soft delicate Plum Blossom flowers gifted to her from Babylonstoren evoked the feeling of Spring time triumphing over Winter which was represented by the Caesarstone concrete surface.

The colour palette was about mixing warm tones with cooler hues and juxtaposing them against each other to represent the different seasons.

Her extension of playful elements such as the ripe golden pears to present a bountifulness of Spring and Summer and a few other minimal decor pieces from Country Road Homeware helped to encapsulate the tables cape as a whole.

You can see Caesarstone's blog post featuring Matanna's work below:


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