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Matanna Katz
Social Media Creative & Marketing Consultant | Content Creator

brand consultant | social media consultant | marketing consultant | creative director | photographer | interior/prop/food/fashion/floral stylist 

 Matanna Katz is a Visual Storyteller. She specializes in curating a high quality, authentic visual identity for your business's social media platform and website. She also focuses on optimizing your brand's Ad performance to maximize your revenue, social media calendar plan and conceptual strategy, as well as utilizing Ad insights to drive improvement.



- Brand Consultation

- Social Media Consultation

- Marketing Consultation

- Creative Directing

- Photography

- Interior / Fashion / Food / Prop / Floral Styling

- Video Content

- Workshops


Matanna resides primarily in Cape Town, South Africa, but is open to traveling locally and internationally on selected projects. She is also able to work remotely.

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S u b s c r i b e   t o   m y   n e w s l e t t e r . . .

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"I resonate with storytelling. Narratives in all forms awaken our imagination, curiosity and encourage introspection."


- Matanna Katz