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Jan the Journal is a bi-annual publication, following the world of South African Michelin-star chef, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen. This magazine is part coffee table cookbook, part lifestyle magazine and travelogue. The Journal explores the world of what we eat and where it comes from and has a special focus on South African ingredients and recipes.

Our Founder Matanna Katz was beyond excited when she was contacted by the editor of the journal Ilana Swanepoel to commission her to create content for "Jan the Journal" Volume 3.

Lauren Lambert (Prop Stylist assistant) assisted Matanna in creating her work for Jan the Journal.

Matanna photographed a variety of close up shots of textures that she felt fit within a light neutral colour palette for the journal's opening pages that consisted of the inside of a mushroom, handmade pasta without egg yolks, crushed eggshells, papery garlic cloves and  slice of Bree cheese.


She then photographed a variety of flours in bowls and a DIY feature to create a natural hand dyed salmon pink cloth.  Both were specifically for two existing articles in the journal.

The outcome of Matanna's work for this issue has been handled with the utmost care and consideration with each shot capturing her signature ethereal qualities in her work.


Below is Matanna Katz's work that was featured in 

Issue 3 of Jan the Journal.

Below is a behind-the-scenes look at Matanna Katz creating her work that was featured in 

Issue 3 of Jan the Journal.