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Our Founder Matanna Katz was chosen by Maria Magdalena, Lisa Brown and Golden Fox Photography to be part of their amazing campaign called "Embrace".  It is an inspiring concept created by those three brave women about celebrating the female form exactly as it is with an uplifting and body positive message. 

For the campaign Matanna wore the t-shirt designed by Maria Magdalena and was photographed by Kimble Cockrell as well as sharing her own personal story about her body which you can read on the right.





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I have had my fair share of self loathing my body, constantly comparing myself to others and not feeling good enough. It’s a love/hate relationship starting from when I was a teenager awkwardly going through puberty feeling inadequate, or feeling devastated when some one would comment on my weight if I looked like I had picked up a kg or two, the list goes on... Somehow the twisted thought of feeling that if your body wasn’t perfect or if you weren’t pretty enough then you weren’t deserving of love became my default and I spent many years obsessively scrutinizing myself. This was until 4 years ago when I decided that if I wasn’t feeling happy or comfortable in my own skin then I needed to do something about it. I signed up with a personal trainer and that is where my fitness journey began. Exercising and healthy eating helped me feel good, happy, fit and strong. It started to relieve the anxiety and when I started to see my body transform it gave me a new sense of appreciation. I also delved into meditation and positive affirmations which helped me with self love. But don’t get me wrong, even with all these new positive changes in my life, my default switch still lingers at the back of my mind and often creeps in. I wanted to make sure I didn’t just ignore it and I started forcing myself to become aware of my body shaming. This takes all of my mental strength to try stop myself from doing it, especially if I’m standing in front of a mirror. I think we all will have good and bad days, but if we could each make a concerted effort to be kinder to one another and to ourselves then we will be able to overcome any hurdle together. .
I think it’s important to share your story and allow yourself to be vulnerable...it may just give someone else the courage to do the same in their life and make a positive change. 

By Matanna Katz