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MRKT, pronounced “market”, is a restaurant based in Cape Town's Foreshore, open to guests and residents of The Onyx Hotel, and the public. Located on The Onyx’s ground floor, this establishment is all about authenticity, variety and quality, while using locally-sourced ingredients and products.

Our Founder Matanna Katz worked with 

Restauranteur Rory Jossel for a period of three months.  During this time Matanna provided Creative Consultancy sessions to curate the retail space, source high quality crockery and wooden products for the restaurant section and create the visual identity of MRKT's Instagram Account.


Below is MRKT's Instagram account curated by Matanna Katz for the duration of three months :

Below are photographs taken and styled by Matanna Katz for MRKT's Social Media platforms for the duration of three months :