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Our Founder Matanna Katz worked with the lovely Ilana Jossel and Nikki Alberton to create the online presence of their recently launched jewellery and lifestyle brand Sadie & Jean.

Matanna worked with the duo to develop their "Visual Voice/Identity" on their 

Social Media Account through Creative Consultancy.  She then photographed and styled their first editorial and product shot photo-shoot.

In the brand's words :

"Each of Sadie + Jean's  jewellery pieces has been thoughtfully created in order to achieve a timeless yet modern appeal.  Many of the pieces in their collection have been conceptualised by uncovering and rediscovering treasured heirlooms within our families. By adding a more contemporary spin to these much loved and timeless jewels, these pieces are still able to resonate today."



Below you can see the work Matanna created for Sadie & Jean.