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Our Founder Matanna Katz and her sister 

Chanel Katz adopted a little abandoned 

fluffy white cat last year.  They named him Maru and which means "circle" in Japanese due to the circular markings of grey fur on his back.


Maru quickly became an integral part of the Katz sister's lives and a part of their family.  He has the sweetest nature and friendly personality.

Matanna has been extremely inspired by Maru and it didn't take long before he became her muse.  Matanna photographs him regularly and has started an Instagram Account to document his life. She takes great joy in capturing Maru's personality 

and beauty which you can see below.

Below is Maru the Cat's Instagram account curated by Matanna Katz :

Below are photographs taken and styled by Matanna Katz of Maru the Cat :