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Our Founder Matanna Katz was chosen out of hundreds of applicants for Zara South Africa’s Micro-Campaign to celebrate the recent launch of their online store.  Matanna along with 99 other people chosen from Cape Town, South Africa were gifted vouchers to shop on an online ghost site before the launch to the public.  The influencers were then asked to document the process and garments on Instagram as the build up to the launch continued.


It has been a dream come true for Matanna. She proudly supports local and international businesses and working with Zara has been something she has wanted to do for as long as she can remember.

Matanna was so inspired by her recent travels to Italy, that she chose a dress and necklace off Zara’s online ghost store that she felt visually presented what she had experienced in Tuscany.

Matanna spent the late afternoon with her talented friend Claudia Schotman who captured her in her new Zara ensemble at Camps Bay Retreat in Cape Town, a place Matanna frequently visits.


A big thank you to Phi McCann from "People Have Influence" for the incredible opportunity  for Matanna to work with Zara.

Below is the video Claudia Schotman took of Matanna Katz for her Zara Campaign:

Below are photographs taken by Claudia Schotman of Matanna Katz wearing her styled Zara ensemble:

Zara Campaign
Zara Campaign
Zara Campaign
Zara Campaign
Zara Campaign
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