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Our Founder Matanna Katz is always honoured to be able to work with her dear friend and client, the beautiful and bubbly Zola Nene.  Together they have created ethereal imagery encapsulating Zola's delectable dishes in a way that represents her "Visual Voice".

On the left is Zola's first cookbook "Simple Delicious" and on the right is Zola's second cookbook "Simply Zola".

In both books :

- Recipe Development and Food Styling by Zola Nene.

- Prop Styling by Matanna Katz.

- Food Stylist Assistant - Sebastian Newman.

- The photography in the first cook book is by Dawie     Verwey

- The photography in the second cook book is by Toby


- Published in 2016 by Struik Lifestyle. (An imprint of

  Penguin Random House, South Africa Pty Ltd.).

Below are the portraits of Zola and a few of her recipes captured and Prop Styled by Matanna.